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Hi, I’m David Vongries. A WordPress Expert,
Camera & Tech-Enthusiast.


I built my first WordPress theme back in 2009 and immediately fell in love with the process. WordPress got me hooked! Today, we build & maintain a bunch of cool WordPress plugins as a small team.

Camera & Tech

I’ve always been a tech-enthusiast and just recently got into street photography. I’m now experimenting with creating content on YouTube. In addition, I was frustrated with Instagram and created PortraitMode.

Latest Camera & Tech

ZV-E10 vs a5100 Video Comparison

Sony ZV-E10 vs Sony a5100 - Inbody Microphone Comparsion - [Camera Quickies #2]

ZV-E10 Rolling Shutter & Stabilization 🥲

Check our PortraitMode

PortraitMode features street photography from all around the world. It’s a platform for street photographers to build their portfolio and showcase their work.

Latest WordPress

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Is Gutenberg Killing WordPress Themes? Challenges for a Theme Developer in a Gutenberg World.

How to Customize the WordPress Welcome Panel

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