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I’m a tech enthusiast and love street photography. Check out my YouTube channel.

ZV-E10 vs a5100 Video Comparison

Sony ZV-E10 vs Sony a5100 - Inbody Microphone Comparsion - [Camera Quickies #2]

ZV-E10 Rolling Shutter & Stabilization 🥲

ZV-E10 Shutter Sound & Drive (Burst) Modes - [Camera Quickies #1]

Sony ZV-E10 VS Tascam DR-05X VS Lavalier VS Rode NT2000 - YouTube Mic Comparison

Unboxing the brand new Sony ZV-E10 & giving you my first impressions 🤔

MantisPod PRO - BEFORE YOU BUY! PGYTECH Arca-Swiss Compatibility Issues 🤯

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PortraitMode features street photography from all around the world. It’s a platform for street photographers to build their portfolio and showcase their work.

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